Thursday, May 03, 2012

Assorted Nothings

Oh hi. I'm a day late for keeping up my monthly schedule of doing very little.

Things you should know:

-I'm sick. This is day four of a nasty upper respiratory infection. My head hurts, my sinuses hurt, my ears hurt, I'm coughing, and everything sucks. I went to the urgent care yesterday, where they shot me up with powerful steroids (it's an intramuscular shot and they want to put it in a large muscle; you do the math, and no cock jokes, this means you Ilse). I also got a variety pack of scrips, so I'm zoning on more steroids and antibiotics. I hope to recover by Monday, when I have to board an airplane to go to that rural place.

-Wow, Blogger's new interface is beyond-belief awful. Thanks, Google, you fucking control freak shithead user experience failures. If you can find some time in between unlawful egregious violations of the law and simple human decency, go fuck yourselves.

-On the one night I needed to get to bed by 10, the Capitals played until 12:30 AM and lost in triple overtime.

-I don't give a fuck about politics, although I would like to ask that my friends in North Carolina vote no on Amendment One.

-Ilse, Databoy, and Bam are fine. Databoy made his stage debut in M. Butterfly the other weekend. Okay, okay, I lie. It was Aladdin Jr. I like my way better. He was a guard. He was overenthused by his sword. When he did some slapstick, middle school girls in the bleachers behind us shrieked like he was the Beatles arriving at LaGuardia. Ilse and I both turned around and mouthed, "Really?"

Okay, this post satisfies some linkers' requirements that I post once a month or so. Keep pimping me, bros.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

You can change back to the old blogger interface. There should be toolbox icon that looks like a gear on the dashboard or home page.

Click on least that's what I did.

Sasha said...

Wow, you can change back? Google still needs to go fuck themselves.

Good you're not ded, boss blogger.

Jim H. said...

Hockey makes you sick.