Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Dyspeptic Whale

Today's Google doodle is fucking awesome; the late Robert Moog was born 78 years ago today, and some enterprising Googlenaut came up with a doodle of a working Moog synthesizer. 

Without Bob Moog, we couldn't have danced away the 80s. Thanks, Bob.

Along about 1974 or so, we premiered a Moog synthesizer at a band concert (Himself may recall the grade we were in and the name of the guy who was enamored of the thing, but I don't; it was somewhere in junior high, the guy was also a Robert, and he demonstrated the thing using some hideous composition of his own...well, composition). Now, junior high band concerts are awful enough without some 9th-grader noodling around on a synthesizer made, as all things were back then, in black and white from rocks and mud. John the Daftist put it best, post-concert: "That thing sounds like a dyspeptic fucking whale."

At that moment, I agreed. I evolved, John the Daftist didn't (hence Ilse's comment after four days with John and Lucretia some years ago: "Oh my fucking God, please make the fiddles stop.").

Dance, bitchez.


Hamster Hamlet said...

A Moog, in Junior High School? Not at Julius West JHS in Rockpile. MoCo never ceases to amaze me . . . .

BDR said...