Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Of Course Their Opinion Is Intrinsically Every Bit As Valid As Yours

The Face of Communism

Ha! Made you click, hope you feel dirty. But if you ignore my little joke on some few of you and take a look at the substance, you'll get to how some right-wingers think that citing "This Land Is Your Land" means Communism. I'm not joking, and if you think they are, you're dumber than I look.

Having sat in a rural Waffle House just yesterday, suffering through "God Bless the USA" as I et my delightfully greasy, exquisitely American brekkies, all I have to say about this is:

Fuck You, wingnuts. You're too fucking stupid to be allowed to have opinions; perhaps you should just love it or leave it. Really.


But Happy Fourth, and remember kids: Fuck Jefferson, that slavefucking piece of shit.


Randal Graves said...

If the waffles weren't red, white, and/or blue, that's not a very patriotic restaurant.

Landru said...

I had bacon and eggs. With wheat toast. Because, y'know...commie.

Sasha said...

I'm all for reminding the RWNJs and general wingers loudly and frequently to love it or leave it.

Jim H. said...

This land is Joe's land, this land is Barack's land
From Chicago's ACORN to the Wall Street Big Banks
From Jeremiah Wright to Saul Alinsky
This land was made for Marx and the Poors.

Happy (belated) Fourth to you and yours.