Monday, September 10, 2012

Solidarity Forever

Support the Chicago Teachers Union as they strike for better conditions for Chicago's students. This isn't about salaries, it's about ridiculous class sizes, primitive physical conditions in the city's schools, improving associated social services, and ending the relentless privatization of schools--a goal supported, incredibly, by Democratic Party leadership.

Bonus: your support for CTU will piss off Rahm Emanuel. It doesn't get any better than that, does it?

Seriously, Rahm Emanuel has gone over to the Dark Side on this, assuming he wasn't already there. Which is, I know, quite the assumption. But Democrats trying to bust unions? What a load of fucking horseshit.

Fuck Rahm Emanuel. Support CTU.


Sasha said...

Done, of course.

whispers said...

Weird dealing with people who think that Rahm represents a "liberal" position and that the union must be unhinged if they strike while he's the mayor.

Did you see the bit about how Rahm diverted $70 million last year to the police so he could tell the teachers that the city didn't have enough money to pay for the raise that they were contractually obligated to give?

Wretched, reptilian slimeball.