Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yeah. Fuck Blogging for Reals.

Or for Real, the Franco-loving fucks.

Damn, that's terrible audio, innit? I like being nostalgic about shit that happened while Brezhnev was still alive, don't you?

Here's some more bad audio. I'm stuck on this song this week:

Liverpudlians are funny. Take cur, beewur of darkness. And yeah, I know whose birthday was this week. No, it's not a holiday here either, never has been. I get weepy in December, because that's just a weepy fucking time on top of the unpleasant anniversary, but the birthday, not so much.

Here, here's another John Lennon tribute:

Okay. I lied. It's not a John Lennon tribute at all. Did you catch Neal Innes there, in the red plaid jacket, red bow tie, and years-ahead-of-its-time pornstache? Fucking awesome. Rutles forever, bitchez. Most awesome sketch ever, at least tonight, and I'm not even drunk.

Heh. Like apples, Sasha?

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

at least tonight, and I'm not even drunk.

I think I see the problem.