Sunday, September 29, 2013

Whoa, I'd Better Hurry Up and Get This Shit Posted

I just woke her up a few minutes ago, and this really needs to be up on the internetz before she gets to a computer, y'know?

Ilse: still legal after all these years. Happy birthday, honey, even though you let those fucking parasites into our house. The fuck's up with that?


Sasha said...

I just spoke to her and didn't know it was her b'day because, you know, I don't pay a lot of attention to b'days. So tell her happy for me with a minor apology.

Jim H. said...

Don't know if you check these Comments back a few days. Saw one of my favorite Brit authors on the Daily Show last week, David Mitchell. He and his wife translated, and he wrote the introduction to, a book written by a 13 year old Japanese boy who has a form of autism that allows him to communicate extremely lucidly through typing. Jon Stewart was agog at the book. Called it life-changing. And apparently JS is somewhat of a fundraiser for autism research causes. (Mitchell's kid has some form of it as well) This Japanese kid is able to explain how his condition affects those around him and how he feels bad about it but can't really do anything about it. Heartbreaking even in summary. You're from the internet, so you can find the video. And the book sounds like a must. Forgot the title, sorry.

Jim H.

Sasha said...

The title is "The Reason I Jump"

Landru said...

Yeah, the concept isn't new. There've been quite a few stories about nonverbal kids lighting up at the computer. Sadly, Bam hasn't overcome inertia on this one, although there's some clear evidence that he understands some writing. The inertia thing is probably my fault for making his life too easy.

Holy crap, my anti-spam shit is a pain in the hinder.