Friday, August 28, 2015

56 Songs

If you don't know why, you don't care anyway.

Let me say this at the outset: I know that this is a long post with a shitload of video. Tough shit. I haven't spent near enough time with him and his over the last few years, mostly because of me and mine. So here's some time, and some thought, and let's lead with the most important one of all:

Him and His. But mostly Him.

(I saw Neil Young along about that time, and I thought he looked like shit then, too).

Fucking duh:

Actually, Neil didn't look so great here either. But check out Stills in the groovy hat and suit. He's ready for Festival.

No, he really was. I mean, it was a long time ago. But yeah, he really was.A goo goo muck, I mean. And a teenage tiger. Also: Holy fuck, we've lived in interesting times.

I've always thought that Bob's got a real Porky Pig vibe going in live versions of this one, although the 80s stylings also bestow a bit of a heretofore unseen televangelist vibe :

I was a very good and obedient child before I became friends with BFF:

Lest someone think I'm calling BFF fat, this next selection is not about him.

He's Person Man, by the way. There are so many awesome versions of "Particle Man" extant that I had a lot of trouble picking one.

Here's some abject perfection to close this bunch:

Gawds, that's a beautiful piece of music. I am confident that, at the very least, BFF believes that it's better than fucking Mozart.

Us, and things that have happened to and around us in...wait for it...45 motherfucking years.

Absolutely terrible sync job with a 70s Midnight Special episode:

Okay, now this is some damned handsome Neil Young, here.

Random crap spanning the culture of our formative years.

I never really realized what an awesome resource the Midnight Special was. For instance, this video is clear evidence that brass rules, reeds blow, and disco did not, in fact, necessarily suck:

That's right. Suck on the 1980s, bitchez. In fact, here, suck on them some more. We sure did.

I watched a number of videos from that performance on M+M's YT channel. If they don't stop your heart, you weren't there, and get off my fucking lawn.

Jeebus, that little detour into M+M almost knocked the whole fucking thing off the rails. Okay, back to work:

Yeah, I don't know why this is turning into A Neil Young Birthday, either, but that's it, I swear, I can stop any time I like.

Some songs just are, okay?

And of course, there are traditions to uphold.

(That video, by the way, is the "Shoes" of this blog, its most posted video, by far.)

Y'know, I've never watched that video all that closely. I count at least six costume changes by Neal Innes. Well done, that.

Fucking oboe players.

I think I got this one for my fiftieth or something.

Fuck me, I actually lost one

No, seriously. I had 56 songs on the fucking list, grouped into the nonsensical fucking categories you see above, with the previously selected "best for last" number at the bottom. At this moment, there are 55 songs in this post, and no more list. What a fucking ding-dong. There's only one place to turn:

Yeah, that'll do.

I saved the best for last, dint I just?

Happy Birthday to BFF and love to Earthgirl and the incomparably awesome Planet, still the Best Kid Evar at the ripe old age of 22.


BDR said...

Holy the fuck. Thanks! Love!

Hamster Hamlet said...

I ALWAYS love to hear how BDR led you down the Crimson Path. (Sneaking in the Rolling Stones made me snort guessing his reaction.)

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Hey, guess what? Without actually counting, because that smacks of effort, I guess that I've seen about HALF of the bands in your video list. More, if you deduct the Grateful Dead shit...