Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Irony Is the Sound of Freedom, Part Infinity

"Give me my privacy!" they Tweeted. When that didn't work they Facebooked it. Then they went to Snapchat and Instagram to post pics of them demanding their privacy. They were appalled when we paid attention.

Oh, wait; no, they weren't.

"Politicians are tools for the wealthy!" they cried, "Rock the don'tvote!" They made no exception for an aging hippie who's been an attention whore completely dissociated from functional political reality since sometime after the Civil Rights movement's greatest hits, a senile jackass who's completely morally bankrupt on key issues of concern to his base.

Oh, wait; yes, they did.

"You get the fuck off my lawn!" he shouted at himself. He did.

Oh, wait; no, he didn't.

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