Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Some other media jackass, at TNR:

The Senator's Son
I assume he'll serve at least as long as Paris Hilton.
The self-same jackass, in his very next post:
The Commutation
The way I see it, Lewis Libby was about to become a political prisoner and the president prevented that.

The way I see it, you're a liar with no capacity for rational thought. Leaving aside your defense of treason, your claim that a man who perjured himself in a national security investigation concerning the leak of an intelligence officer's covert status--and don't even think about lying and telling your readers that it was anything else--could be a "political prisoner" invalidates any claim you might have had to an intellect.

Shut up, you fucking traitor.

This has been another edition of Shut Up, You Lying Motherfucker.

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I'm gonna be really pissed if you stroke out.