Saturday, February 09, 2008

Die Terps Die

I am watching a college basketball game on television. One of the teams is my beloved alma mater. I wouldn't know it to look at them, though; while there is a red team on the floor, it's not mine, it's State. My team is dressed in unis that render a look suspiciously like that of Tech.*

We must die. We must lose. We are not a yellow team.

Our student body (motto: "Hey! You suck!") has bought into this myth. They are wearing yellow t-shirts. Of course, they are all stupid, and we are, in reality, The University of Long Island, Prince Georges County campus. But usually they're smart enough to wear our actual colors.

There is a technical reason for the allowability of yellow gridkit; we actually have four school colors, since the Calvert family, progenitors of our state, apparently ate a lot of acid before they designed their crest (which served as the basis for our state flag).

Technical or not, this is wrong. The style is ugly, the color is wrong.

The officials, of course, are teh suck. But that's another rant.

We must die. We must lose. Fucking yellow team.

*Glossary: You should already know this, but there is only one State (it's in Raleigh) and only one Tech (it's in Atlanta).


whispers said...

Are the yellow uniforms related to the tradition of setting cars on fire to celebrate victories in College Park?

BTW, I'm curious - who do you root for when Tech plays UConn? The Huskies are on a bit of a roll right now.

bdr said...

Lefty wore yellow.

If memory serves, they started wearing them halfway through a season, went on a winning streak, wore them through the tournament to the final, when Dean Smith, who could pick what uni Norc wore as top seed, chose to wear their pastel, making Maryland wear white, and won. Mike O'Koren was the star of that Norc.

Which doesn't make it right.

Landru said...

Whispers: Tech is difficult. Thanks to the magic of the Cremins, I've finally accepted them as an ACC school, a fate which will never befall BC, VTech, or the U. And Tech haterade just doesn't taste quite as good as sky blue haterade, or K-haterade, or even Hoo-haterade. Of course, the real answer to your question is, am I actually rooting for Tech, or am I rooting for the flaming meteor?

bDr: I knew that. And I don't think it's a coincidence that there's a Driesell on the bench during this return to that fuckugly color.

If my memory serves, the Sainted Juanterps were wearing white when they cut down the last nets. I suspect there's some deep jinxology to be done here, but I can't see doing it on behalf of this bunch of people still listening to taint about J.G. Christ.

Sasha said...

They were wearing white.

And I can't tell you how much I hate me some Driesell. And the yellow.