Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Paranoiac-Critical Marginalization of the 0.06 Percent Theory

Read 'em and weep, lihbruls. The White House officially and explicitly doesn't care that it's explicitly and officially centrist. While I still fundamentally agree with BFF's well-documented 0.06% less shitty theory (although I'm not sure that he still buys it), this is a big hit in the waterline of his math. And there's sure no longer any reason for our side not to take a huge slurp of whupass in November. If the White House (and Dems in Congress, who've staked out the same position with their voting records) wants to stake such a transparently false claim to being different from The Other Side, there's no reason for progressives of any political shade to turn out, and that means that Change is dead, and Obama will truly (and righteously) go down as one of the most inept Presidents ever. I mean, with this, he's just totally abandoned any pretense of effort whatsoever. What a fuckstick.

And Gibbs is worse. Eschaton says (h/t LGM) that in a talk with HuffPo (to which I will not link, and which you should not read, ever), Gibbs attempted to paint his idiotic remarks as reflective of his frustration with criticism of education funding legislation (Nate Silver at 538 has his own take). Which the White House (and liberals) support. What a fuckstick.


BDR said...

The trouble with the .06% less shitty theory is that it's predicated on Obama staying where he is when the pigs move right.

He seems more than content - he seems morally fucking driven it seems sometimes - to maintain the .06% less shitty ratio no matter how shitty the Right gets as if *that* is a mark of political integrity.

Heh. Kidding. Obama's a tool.

Sasha said...

I have a lot to say about this but right now I'm just inclined to agree with Nate Silver in general. Folks thought Obama was better than he is (just like they do with every damn Prez, even Bush) and now they are disappointed. Yeah he did a lot but none of it is what I wanted. And there are lots more folks like me than you might think.

More on another day ...

Purplestate said...

Yup. I figured he was talking to you.

Actually, I thought he was talking to Whisper, but figured you would take it persun'l as well.

Lets agree not to talk about this, M'kay? :P