Monday, October 03, 2005

280 Million Valiums, Please

This is a really entertaining day. I told you earlier about my conversation with a good friend who's apoplectic about the Miers nomination. As Dweezil notes in a comment to that post, the fascists are going absolutely batshit crazy about it, too. Dweezil and I ask you, if something pisses off that segment of the population so thoroughly, can it possibly be a bad thing?

Seems some of their objections center on the same things as ours; she's never been a judge, she has no record, and she's a Bush crony. Their bigger objection is that she's a woman. If God had meant for women to be Supremes, he'd have given Scalia a pussy.

Roll with it, kids. We can't win the fight. She profiles out as a classic botched Republican nomination. If that profile's wrong, we end up where we'd end up if Bush nominated Leni Reifenstahl, except that we won't have turned some Republican into a fucking martyr and looked like a bunch of fucking moonbats. The time to fight is in about eight or nine months.

Roll with it.


beannie said...


This is a can't lose for the Dems. Well, except for the part where an unqualified, intellectually-blunted token is installed in a lifetime position affecting all of our rights.

But if anyone blocks this nomination, I'd bet you dollars to doughnuts it's the fucktards who think capital punishment for abortionists is the sole qualification.

TechNoir said...

I'm gonna roll with it, dammit. But I can be apoplectic at the same time, can't I?

Oh, yeah. She's a damn corporatist.

Wheeze said...

hey, she contributed to Gore for president, and to democrats for congress as recently as the late 90s - 2000. She's the only one I know of that switched parties going THAT direction in recent years. I find that odd.

She's a whipping boy. A distraction from the bazillions of indictments and grand mal incompetence by the white house. I think the pubs will injure themselves further over it--go read the freeper board (if you can stomach it. it's quite humorous). And that will be fun to watch.

Swami said...

My stupid opinion: Bush is all about the cronyism & nepotism--has been since daddy & his buddies gave him that baseball team (the Oilers?). He is putting up candidates who have proven their crony-loyalty to the Bushies, thus securing the SCOTUS for the Bushie clan. And he knows how important the SCOTUS can be for wannabe prezes. Roberts & Miers are Bushie versions of the Manchurian Candidate. If and when the Bushies need SCOTUS interference, their cronies stand ready.

And yeah--Roberts & Miers are sort-of Right, and have sort-of good enough credentials to sell to much of the Far Right but their most compelling attribute to a very crony-literate W is just that: they're cronies forever. Just in case. Long may the Bushies reign.

See I told you it was a stupid opinion--but cronyism is Bush's Stradivarius & he plays it very very well.

whispers said...

How about opposing her simply because she's unqualified?

Of course the only way this nomination gets blocked is if a lot of Republicans oppose Bush. But if they do, why not help them along? Not because the next nominee will be better or worse, but because this one sucks.

In my book, a bad justice is worse than a ultra-conservative justice. And I'm worried Miers might be both (i.e., Clarence Thomas in a wig.)