Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bread and Circuses

Theories abound on the hidden meanings and deeper significances of the Miers nomination. Bad joke? Work-wife divorce? Democrat mole? Stealth Scalia? 60-year-old virgin? Treacherous plot to blame her rejection on a recalcitrant Senate (even though it's not going to be Dems who fail to confirm her--in fact, every single Democratic Senator should be standing on the Capitol steps right now, chanting, "Up or down vote!") and force through someone demonstrably awful? All of the above and far more than we mere mortals can possibly imagine?

bDr pointed out to me in a non-citable form that Atrios probably has it right. The real issue for fascist angst over the nomination boils down to this:

They wanted Bush to extend a giant middle finger to everyone to the left of John Ashcroft. They wanted to watch Democrats howl and scream and then ultimately lose a nasty confirmation battle. They wanted this to be their "WE RUN THE COUNTRY AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT" moment.

Hard to argue with. It's also hard to quibble with the pure entertainment value of nasty self-righteous fucktards like the UberCunt Michelle Malkin directing flaming, hate-laden bilespew at someone who is quite obviously one of her own. Nothing could possibly better show Them for what They are.

Let 'em spew. My only worry is that it's too far in advance of the mid-term elections for anyone to remember, when it counts, Their arrogance, hatred, treachery, and simple downright meanness.

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borkdogred said...

I don't remember if Atrios made mention of this angle, but the zeal of the Right to tell us to fuck off is compounded exponentially by the urge to smack the post-Katrina I-told-you-so smirk off our faces.