Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What If Prairie Home Companion Had A Fight Song?

My Beloved Alma Mater (the one I graduated from) has a fight song (actually, it's called the Victory Song; the actual fight song pisses me off because it should be called the We're Getting Our Panties Jammed Up Our Crack By A School We Hate Song) that can, sometimes, bring tears to my little mob-mentality eyes. The Victory Song (and the Alma Mater, to which I have repenned the lyrics to pay homage to the things that make state schools great) bring me to my feet reflexively every time. Music, of course, has great power. Just ask Wagner.

From today's edition of NFL.com's very fine (JOlene's disdain notwithstanding) Tuesday Morning Quarterback, by Gregg Easterbrook comes an item about the fight song of Saint Olaf College, in Northfield, Minnesota. It is, stomp-down, the greatest fight song in the history of the universe.

Listen to it here. Don't argue. Just go listen to it. Now. Imagine as your own.


Wheeze said...

Um Yah yah yah!


Mr. Wheezy said...

It sounds like a Bavarian drinking song... not that that's a bad thing... not that I've ever been to Bavaria... but nevertheless, there you go.

gothmog said...

This post has Swami's name written all over it. Are we taking bets as to when exactly she'll make an appearance? Because she will, oh yes, yoo betcha.

Landru said...

I think she might have gone to the other school mentioned in this fabulous piece of musical accomplishment.

Dweeze said...

Jolene is not alone in her disdain.

Actually, I have a love/hate relationship with TMQ. And right now, my love for the NFL is rather weak, which lessens my need to read TMQ.

Swami said...

Good morning, Goth.

Landru, have we not previously established that I went to an ivy-covered school that used to whip the ass off your alma mater's hockey team (or your dad's or something) thus ruining your childhood? And how many alma maters do you have, exactly?

The TMQ guy dissed Firefly so I do not value his opinions.

St. Olaf is in Northfield MN. Jesse James once robbed the town bank. This is the only interesting thing that has ever happened in Northfield so every year they have a 'Jesse James Days' street festival where they sell trinkets, street food and reinact the robbery with galloping horses & blazing six-guns & stuff.

St. Olaf's is okay. Carleton is a snob's college.

Landru said...

Of course we have. Thank you for reminding me, and please excuse my confusion.

I have two alma maters, Kenyon and Maryland. My dad taught at the place that taught me to dislike Cornell.

lackbayogdayedray said...

Well, I know a Carleton grad rather intimately, and Landru can testify as to whether or not she is a snob.

She, on the other hand, has said that St Olaf's is a fine place to go to college if you enjoy frat-paddling yourself into a vomitous puddle. Which would be snobby if it weren't true.

(And, Oberstanfuhrer, mussen sie ein Akadamie zum Alma Materishche gegraduate beclaimen?)

Wamisay said...

Sorry, I didn't mean to insult your beloved. I used to work at the U of MN Minneapolis campus where the general opinion was that St. Olaf people were more fun at parties because of their willingness to get drunk & be entertaining. The U of MN people, naturally, felt superior to both St. Olaf & Carleton grads.

augie said...

Great. Now I can't get this song out of my head. Thanks a lot, Landru.

Um yah yah this.

Anonymous said...

I go to Saint Olaf and I can assure you that St.Olaf doesn't even have frats. Yep... so much for that one making sense- ass.