Thursday, November 10, 2005


It's difficult to get worked up about France, what with the right wing having adopted and thereby rendered extremely unfashionable my long-time disdain for all things French. I've even tried to start liking the cheese-eating surrender monkeys; I spent a week in Paris last year and enjoyed many French things, including wine, food (even cheese!), the gigantic wooden sarcophagus containing the damn good and dead remains of Napoleon, the ability of the Paris Metro to reliably and inexpensively deliver you just about anywhere in the city, the Christmas lights on the Champs Elysees, and French broads' asses. I am, officially, a friend of the French.

And there's no doubt that it's sad that France is plagued with cultural unrest. I have Parisian friends, and friends with interests (family, friends, other loved ones) in various places in France. It's not like I wish ill on the arrogant Gaulnoses whose loserhead asses we've bailed out of two consecutive world wars.

But on the Daily Show the other night, Rob Corddry pointed out a key issue here: who will surrender to whom? Who will win, if both sides are busy surrendering to each other? Clearly, there can be no winners here. It's time to save the French from themselves. I nominate the Germans for the job.

Oh, you wanted intelligent comment on the situation in France? You know you hit the wrong link. But Juan Cole makes sense to me.


Wheeze said...

This was a great link to read by Juan Cole.

I like France. I like cheese. And wine.

jomama said...

Chaos will win. It's better organized.