Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Holy Unhingement, Moonbatman!

I peeped at Amazon yesterday after reading on a number of other sites that it was the release day for UberCunt Michelle Malkin's new book. I noted 8 reviews, all of them 5-star reviews. I thought that odd, until I noticed that one of them was a pasting disguised as a 5-star review, and that a number of other reviews seemed only to trash other reviews that weren't there. The lightbulb went on, and I realized something was up.

Tbogg confirms it, or at least confirms that he reached the same conclusion I did: that the UC or her agents were whimpering about anyone who disagreed that her book was the greatest thing since concentration camp showers. Thanks, Tbogg. For a minute, I was worried that I might be unhinged or something.

P.S.: Check out the link, if only for the great picture of the pouting temptress herself.

Update: And The General weighed in, too. From his Amazon review:

Every ten pages or so, I'm overcome with the urge to get out my big bag of M&Ms and segregate out all of the brown ones. I then take these "unter-kandies" and lock them away in a baby food jar where I taunt them while touching myself inappropriately.

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