Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Wonkette reminds us:

Tired? Angry? Scared? Confused? We recommend a full helping of Butterstick. And not that way. Pandas will not overturn Roe. Pandas will not give you bird flu. Pandas will not close the Senate. Not unless it's really important. What do they do? They take first steps. The chew bamboo contentedly. They restore our faith in the world.

Butterstick is the National Zoo's baby panda, born around four months ago. He is, of course, adorably full of creamy goodness, hence the Thinking Person's name for him (Chicom-pandering do-gooders at the Zoo have given him some poncy name like "Tai-Shan"). He makes his public debut next week, thus far having only been exposed to us through the good offices of the media.

Wanna bang Wonkette (I mean, assuming you haven't already; bitch is holding out on me for some reason)? Pretend to like Butterstick.

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Sasha said...

Butterstick is so sad, being used by a Bad Bad man who wants a blowjob. Was that your ad, Landru?