Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Lest We Forget

Remember that whole Scooter Libby thing, the...uhm...what was it called...oh yeah...the


Yeah, remember that? I thought you might.

And so does Mr. Sun, who brings us the casting for the Plamegate movie. He all right, Mr. Sun.


TechNoir said...

Hard to top Bono as Judith Miller.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I couldn't resist, one more comment... Wasn't someone supposed to be indicted for leaking a CIA name, or something? No? Just lying? But I thought you lefties were fine with lying. I mean, Clinton... and his wife... not to mention what's-his-name from the last presidential election, the one who lied about 'meeting' with the security council, and about being in Cambodia, blaming it on Nixon? Huh? And what's with his 180 still not being released? And the lies about Bush misrepresenting the facts about WMDs when EVERYONE thought there WERE WMDs, even the French and Russians, who were bribed up to their eyeballs to stop any war in Iraq. Guys you still think are great, apparently. So lies, and bribery, you should be good with those, real good, right?

Oh, never mind, pearls before swine.