Tuesday, November 01, 2005

News Flash

This just in: Patrick Fitzgerald is totally a three-dollar bill, according to the WaPo's Reliable Source. Well, that's not exactly how they put it, but you can read between the lines as well as I can. Just think about what a hunky couple he and the Chief Justice would make!


Swami said...

At first I was confused to be reading about Charles & Camilla and Nancy Reagan, but then I paged down and found the Fitzgerald stuff. "Confirmed bachelor" has been Code since before Code was code - correct? As a couple I predict they would be seriously into bondage and heavy S&M.

On the other hand, since Charles is known to like older (and kinda wrinkly) women. Maybe he and Camilla and Nancy can get it on in a geriatric threesome kind of way.

TechNoir said...

Chuck and Cammy will be across the street from me tomorrow. Gonna be tough to decide whether to bother to walk to the door or not.