Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Bullet-Blogging

I'm too busy right now to do anything but parrot the party line. So here it is:

  • Shut up, you corrupt trough-shitting pigs. Tristero, writing at Hullaballoo, elaborates. (ThinkProgress and Digby)
  • Shove a loofah up your lying, hypocritical ass, O'Reilly. (Media Matters)
  • Quack. It's a duck. Or maybe it's just a drake that made a mistake. (Patriotboy, with links you must follow)
  • Malkin fisks a fraud. ONE fraud. Wow, that, like, completely invalidates the entire anti-war movement. Thanks for showing me the error of my ways, Mrs. Malkin, you ping-pong-ball-queefing, self-loathing, racist, theocratic, Goebbels-worshipping cesspool of slime and corruption. Also in Malkin: A Democrat took bribes! So, that, like, totally tilts the scoreboard, right? Right?
  • Open up your heart and let the Rude shine in.
  • Ruh-roh. We suck. Can terrorists be far behind? (blackDogred, to whom I owe a considerable bit of IT work that I will try to do very soon)

Personal notes, mostly for blackDogred, who has resorted to studding his blog with deeply personal inside jokes to make sure I haven't slumped over:

  • Job suckage, but it's mostly a volume thing not indicative of deeper issues.
  • I need sleep, but if I were smarter, I'd go to bed at 9 PM instead of playing Madden 2006 or old PC war games that echo whatever historical nonfiction or semi-fiction I've been reading of late.
  • The Grand Parakeet, my snortingly irresponsible SUV, was in the shop yesterday and I had to rent a car. They gave me a PT Cruiser. The Parakeet is back, and the Cruiser-induced urge to slurp johnsons has safely passed.
  • We did sign a lease on a gigantimongous house in a fine neighborhood that may well be outside of nuclear IED range of the Malkins. Sorta depends on the competence of the bombmaker. Landru to move in early July, Ilse and progeny to move in early August. This will complete the unification of the House of Landru and set in motion a range of events leading to the complete annihilation of the polar icecaps. Or it'll cause ManBearPig. Or Paris Hilton.
  • Off to BlueSky for the holiday weekend; fortunately, BlueSky resident Mom, aka the SheNurse of the SS, will be on the way up to housesit (note: well within nuclear IED range of the Malkins) for 32-Ounce, Sil, and the Crown Princes, so I'll pass her at a Cracker Barrel somewhere on I-95. Small mercies.


Dweeze said...

Real men stay up all night playing online poker. Am I right Goth? Goth?

Jolene said...

I never knew PT Cruisers had such power.

Congrats on the gigantimongous house!