Monday, June 05, 2006

Instant Karma

Y'all know that I love the Maryland Terrapins unconditionally. Sure, my unconditional love suffered some hits during the probation 15 years ago and the Bob Wade era that immediately preceded it. And my patience has been tested for the last two basketball seasons, and an unaccountable number of football seasons.

But this? Is positively Biblical, here. A Driesell has its foot back in the door of Maryland basketball. Which means that its father, Leftuh, will be in the house. I believe that I have previously noted that Leftuh in the house is the spiritual equivalent of mixing urine with your breakfast oatmeal. It's certainly the aesthetic equivalent.

There are them what argue that Gary Williams' inability to keep high-quality assistants is an indicator of the program's success. There are them what argue that his inability to keep high-quality assistants is an indicator of Gary's assitude. The truth may be anywhere along that spectrum, but here's a real encouraging quote from the Post story:

There is no No. 1 assistant, Williams said, adding, "It's a staff."

Great. The staff consists of two loyal former Williams players and a new coach that the fan community has already dubbed "Clefty." And Gary has asserted territorial dominance. And recruits are bailing out--a Pennsylvania four-star recruit just reneged on his verbal commitment to the Terps.

While I'm a long way from bailing out, I'm not a happy little turtle.

Oh, fuck. The Redskins just signed former Terp defensive back Dennard "Goddammit Dennard What The Fuck Are You Doing?" Wilson. Am I safe? Anywhere? Jesus.

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blackterpred said...

Driving home Friday I was flipping radio channels and caught Gary on the John Thompson show. The two of them were congratulating each other on their similar views that today's student athletes need sterner male role models to keep them from becoming "serial fathers" (! holy figgity fuck !) and eventual felons (! re !).

But I've been heading for the lifeboats for a while now, yes?