Friday, June 02, 2006

Brief Substance

No, it's not a post about cotton.

However, as I get down to it, I find I still have nothing of substance to say. I could go on extended rants about Al Gore, the fascists' treatment of the doings at Haditha, the idiocy of comparing Harry Reid's acceptance of boxing tickets to anything resembling actual corruption, or David Broder's obsession with burying his sniffer in Hillary's panties. All of these are worthy targets, but I must debunk them as things I'm capable of competently addressing, to wit:
  • Of course Al Gore's been sodomized by the media. He's smarter than they are. And his obsessive sorta personality isn't helping him any when it comes to dodging mockery. But when so many people have it so very, very wrong, my little Landru voice isn't going to make a dent in it. Besides, to do the job properly, I'd have to revisit a topic I've forsworn: Tucker Carlson. Last year's Tucker obsession led me down the road to perdition. I'm not going back, and you can't make me.
  • Yes, bad things happened at Haditha. The military justice framework is taking care of it. It took them a while. Saying any of those things does not evidence a disrespect for the military. Accusing a Marine-veteran member of Congress of disrespect for the military for calling attention to the issue is rank propaganda in the finest traditions of Goebbels and McCarthy. Shut the fuck up. Of course, to do this job properly, I'd have to revisit that whole Our Lady of the Concentration Camps thing, and I'm just frightfully done with that there.
  • Golly. Harry Reid accepted boxing tickets, then voted against the interests of the people who provided them? Hang him high.
  • As for Broder, shouldn't he be off somewhere having a circle jerk with his fellow lovers of Bushcock, like Richard Cohen? Shut the fuck up, Broder.

See? Everyone else does it better than I do. And you're really tired of hearing me piss and moan about fascist squawkboxes, when you can go read other people doing it more politely.

Besides, I'm hungry.

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