Thursday, September 21, 2006

Morning Announcements

I have many items of a brief nature to pass along today:

  • Eternal bestest buddy blackDogred has moved to a new location. The link has been changed in the sidebar. If you link to him, please change your link accordingly.
  • Sprechen du BDR, his daughter is thirteen and a half today, and while we ordinarily ignore half-birthdays, nothing is too good for Planet, the finest child in this omniverse to whom I am not related by blood or marriage. Check out BDR's video tribute.
  • It's Sitemeter day, the day I indulge my ego by checking out the stats for this here blog. I thought that "dirty scummy sluts" was a pretty good search referral until I found that someone working Google UK found me by searching, "Happy Birthday you elderly scrote."
  • Remember, throughout your day, and indeed through the next 50 or so days, that Senator George Felix Allen of Virginia and Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele of Maryland are lying scum who must be stopped.


Anonymous said...


Swami said...

I know nothing of your East Coast local politicians.

I fear my District is going to send a handmaid of the anti-Christ to Washington this fall. Her name is Michelle Bachman and I fucking hate her! Karl Rove actually came to my city to personally guide and inspire her, and maybe get a hand-job too - I dunno. I couldn't believe it! The actual fucking Karl Rove!

Bachman is very against gay marriage (very, very against) and that's the pony she wants to ride into DC.

Matt said...

The fuckwads are fucking fucks.



whispers said...

Gregg Easterbrook has noticed that Jerry Falwell opposes Hillary Clinton even more than he opposes you. Check out TMQ, the part entitled "All Assumes Satan is At Least 35 Years of Age and Was Born in the United States".

Shall we tell him?

Dweeze said...

Sorry about the scrote thing. I never dreamed it would lead me here.