Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Nothing To See Here

Really. A combination of personal, family, and business issues are keeping me from having time to focus on posting. It was yesterday before I realized there was some reason people I encountered kept making pedophilia jokes about someone named Foley. I am totally fogged in, mostly by stuff relating to that sudden parenthood thing you've all heard too much about. Check back occasionally--I'll try to post something that isn't snivelling once every few weeks, and if there's an uptick in substance or the frequency thereof, you'll figure it out. I think that by now, you know well enough where I stand. In the meantime, read bDr, to whom you can link on the right, and all of those celebrities over there as well (especially TBogg and Rude, who will at least alert you if there is something about which you should be outraged), and especially the very fine sports blogs in the Sausage section, which tend to be a bit less maddening than anything involving Mark Foley's love of perfectly formed 16-year-old cocks.

1 comment:

purplestate said...

not that there is anything wrong with that . . . who doesn't admire a perfectly formed 16 year old rooster?