Monday, January 15, 2007

Attention San Diego

Just take a nice warm douche. On your own home field, you can't manage to prevent the rest of us from having to watch America's Dreamboat in yet another fucking AFC championship game, and you wanna piss and moan about the Pats mocking your asshole Terp linebacker?

This wouldn't have happened if your coach wasn't a cranky old failure and your quarterback wasn't a fucking pussy who couldn't, in four years at NC State, manage to beat any of the vomitorious excuses for football teams the University of Maryland threw at him, not even in a game that actually gave me a fucking heart attack.

I mean, seriously, you suck that badly against Dreamboat and you want any sympathy whatsofuckingever?

Retards. Stop breeding. And shut up. No, seriously. Shut the fuck up a whole lot.

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