Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Black Man Forsakes Penis, Throws Elder Statesman Under Bus

President Obama thinks Jimmy Carter is wrong.

President Obama isn't that fucking stupid.

He is, however, that big of a fucking milquetoast pussy, and it's really a shame that, in telling such a giant whopping lie, he's so blithely giving back the moral high ground to assholes like Joe Wilson and Mike "No One Threw Oreos At You, But I Will The Next Time I See You" Steele.


Purplestate said...

No, really? Obama backing Carter, or staying silent, is the smart play? I thought we'd just decided that calling into question your opponent's motivation was poor form. How can Obama do anything but take the high ground here, publicly? His position is and has been that the debate should be about the issues - and if that means that people who have hate and fear in their hearts are against him, he doesn't get to call them out on that level. Have we forgotten the "Cling to their guns and religion" so soon?

I think you mis-read the analysis here, on account of you wanting to call a steaming turd what it is, when that isn't the game book from which el presidente is calling plays.

Jimmy Carter is right -- everyone who knows anything knows he's right -- but, like calling your opponent a liar, calling your opponent a racist removes the possibility of discourse. So, that can't be the way it plays out from on high.


Landru said...

It's not that I don't understand it. It's that I don't respect yielding the terms of debate to people who are so very clearly, so very badly in the wrong. And I don't approve of throwing our Wise Ones under the bus when they're absolutely spot-on correct.

Besides, you're a civility freak. I say that with all the love in the world, which makes it no less true. I also understand that you've got that Midwest thing, for which civility was, after all, invented. Again, not that I love you any less. It would be a very strange world indeed if we were all the same, Miss Nitt! & c.

Landru said...

The other part is that in my world, imbuing your every thought, word, and deed with racist perspective removes the possibility of discourse. But I'm picking nits. Which is not to say that I'm picking Miss Nitt.

Sasha said...

I have an ever so tiny nit to pick, actually. I don't for a moment believe that Mr. Obama thinks that Mr. Carter is wrong. I do, however, believe that Mr. Obama thinks it is somehow more congenial to say so. After all a man who recognizes that Kanye West is an asshat and says so surely knows racism when he sees it. I know we actually agree. The nit was about your first sentence phrasing. (Damn, that keyboard needs to get here. An intermittent space bar is horrid.)

Also. I sure like Jimmy Carter better all the time. Unlike most of those other exes who I like less, if that is possible.

Buffalo said...

Forsaking Penii? get to watch your home town futbol team do that on a weekly basis....

Would you feel better if you could take a dump on Glenn Beck's desk while he was sitting at it?

I know I would.