Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yes. Germany Is A Strange Place.

I know. I don't write, I don't post, I don't rant on command, even when I should. I work 12 hours a day at three different jobs and I may or may not fob one of them off on some other schloob before I drop dead. Whatever. You think you revile me, just ask my family's opinion.

Maybe I'll come back. Hold your breath waiting. Machts nichts to me. In the meantime, drop some Purple Microdot and watch this:


Sasha said...

Just for the record, I didn't ask.

BDR said...


What is this "microdot" you reference?

Purplestate said...

You are off your game -- how did you not tag me for this post?

Just finished Unseen Acadmeicals -- looking forward to talking about it w/u soon.

Anonymous said...

1. I will never beg you to post again.

2. I will have nightmares for years after watching the leotard-clad microdots dance. Right after I stop laughing!

So you're back?

whispers said...

Dieter used to dance with those guys, in a black leotard of course.

Pepe said...

"How do Gushers make you feel?"

"Gushers make me go crazy with happiness."