Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kidney Stones in the Tract of Excellence

I'm really bored. I'm in the far-away place, again, though at least I spend tomorrow coming home for one day off (during a week I invariably spend out of the office, ideally with Ilse and Bam-Bam, while Databoy hies off for his traditional school-break week of worship by his grandparents, Joseph and Mary). I'm watching the first Tuesday Night Football game ever, because it's there (Thesis: Cris Collinsworth is a transvestite. Discuss non-pejoratively1 amongst yourselves.). And because Sasha is one good Michael Vick rip away from dealing me my second fantasy football title game loss of the season (gratz to Dr. Death for saving his one FF victory in six tries this season for a title game).

Thanks also to Purple for the awesome Webcam cock video. Okay, it was actually an awesome Hooded Negro imitation. It's the little things that make life worth living even in the face of the drone of I-75 300 yards from my hotel room window.

Also: Christmas was very very good to me. Thanks to Ilse for the exceptional shirt and the dirty video games.

1 Tscha, right.

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whispers said...

You didn't think Brady would beat me, did you? Not when the team is called Belichick's Hoodies! He was a mole!!!