Sunday, December 19, 2010

On Navelgazing

I love my friends. Honest, I really do. I'm not as horrible a person as I'd really like to be. But some days, I would like to be. It's neither politic nor kind to post one's horrible thoughts on one's friends' own blogs. Especially when I'm one. You are one, aren't you? But thoughts are had. Even for those I love best and most. Oh yes they are.

Hackneyed, true. Possibly even copyrighted, though I'll claim fair use--after all, they're just laying around on the Toobz. All that, none of it good. But expressive nonetheless.

And seriously. I love my friends.

Personal data: home after a week there. Here until I go there. Which is the day after Sweet Baby Jesus day. Un-fucking-real. I'd really like to tell you what I'm doing there. But I can't, because a certain part of the government would hunt down every one of you and grope the fucking Sweet Baby Jesus out of you. And you wouldn't like it. Even if you're into that sort of thing. Believe me, you're not that into it. Trust me on this. Because, as we noted, I love my friends. But to their navels, I say:

Peace out.

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