Monday, July 11, 2011

Odds and Ends Coming

Lots to brak about, no time. Weekend trip to NYC (with pics), attended DCU-Red Bull game at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ, argued with my stepbrother about whether DCU-Redscum is really a rivalry, and then the capstone of the weekend, desperately following the US women versus Brazil on Sunday afternoon through an Amtrak-based Internet connection, followed by Whispers doing play-by-play of the game-ending penalty kicks as we exited the Union Station garage to come home.

But all that will have to wait a few hours, since I'm back at work this morning and it's no fun. I will post ahead of Wednesday's blog holiday (which is different from most days because I usually post on blog holidays, and on this one to give you a chance to worship me appropriately, and speaking of which, someone really ought to go give the Wheezus 48 hours notice, and I got my eye on you too, Gmoggie).

So laters.


Sasha said...

It's thoughtful for Ms. Wambach and her colleagues to provide you with an after-lunch game on Wednesday, n'est-ce pas?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, Tommy Lee Jones, at your service.