Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paul Ryan: Actually Dumb Enough To Drown Himself By Looking Skyward With His Mouth Open When It's Not Raining

Thanks to TBogg and others for this bit of idiot fuckery from union-hating Paul Ryan:

"Did you guys watch that Packer game last night? I mean, give me a break. It is time to get the real refs."

Why, yes, Representative Ryan, it is time to stop locking out the real refs in an effort to bust their union and save the NFL a few pennies. Can we expect you to take a similar position on far more significant union employees, like, say, teachers?

Ryan followed that bite with some incredibly retarded and baldly meretricious analogy to President Obama's handling of the economy. Ryan is an embarrassment to fascism, unable even to do that right. 

The motherfucking scab referees have been awful, it's true. And Roger Goodell shoulders enough of the blame to condemn him to a hell he's already going to. But let's not ignore the cocksucking scab motherfuckers their own selves. No one's making them go out there and do the NFL's union-busting bidding.

As awful as the refs are, and as deeply loathsome, as despicably reprehensible as their scabbiness is, there's one bit of heinous referee fuckery thus far this season that didn't bother me a bit, and that's those scab shitmuffins outright robbing the motherfucking Green Bay Packers last night.

So fuck you, scabs, you amoral sacks of striped toolage. But thanks for buttfucking the Packers. And thanks to you, Paul Ryan, for letting me stretch a meme for one more day.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

It is also heartening that college refs refused the NFL's offer to scab, knowing that the strike would end someday and if they EVER entertained a hope of moving up to the Overpaid Leagues, they better not cross the lines...

So what we get is the immoral, the gormless, the nasty dregs who have no personal standards.

And thus, the "Intertouchdowngoalception!"

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Also, bite me for the Packers hate. You elitist motherfuckers never had to live through DECADES of tripe like Lynn Dickey and Forrest Gregg managing to spray so much shit over Lambeau Field that we were forced to DIG DOWN to reach fertile soil.

Fuck you; is YOUR team locally owned, or is it owned by a millionaire squeezebag? Or even a BILLIONAIRE fuck-nugget?

I'm not a fucking robot, blogger, I am a zombie.

Landru said...

Holyfuck and thanks! It's always an honor and privilege when you pass over brains that have just got to be tastier, just to devour mine.

Not that fandom should be subject to rationality, but: I was an AFL fan as a kid, when the Packers were dominant (of which you speak); Brett Favre is a despicable wad of shit; and my wife is a Bears fan masquerading as a Redskins fan.

It's funny you should mention the robot thing. I just considered, and decided against, increased security because of some comment spam. And as I make this comment, I'm learning that I implemented it whether I wanted to or not--fuck Blogger, indeed.

But then bDr stopped commenting. Ba-dump-bump! Thanks, tip your waitress, & c.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Dude, most of your blogroll will tell you that I am always up for a blogfight.

I will confess that Brett Favre is a dickwad (3 items: dick pictures; CROCS?!?!?; And Vikings). Although after Monday's game, I love the meme that shows him saying "INTs are now TDs? I AM COMING BACK!!"

But he made the Packers a real team again, and he did it by gathering a tremendous supporting staff and great coaching. And he also taught people like Hasselbeck, Flynn, and yesm Rodgers how to be a TUFF fucking QB. Piss all you want, but his string of starts is amazing.

Landru said...

I know. I've been on the sidelines, or even in the thrashing mob, for some of them.

You like who you like. You don't have to like the Redskins, Caps, or DC United, I don't have to like the Packers. Or the Cowboys or Steelers (the two teams I dislike more than the Pack). Or the Bears or Vikings, for that matter...

BDR said...

See mwahMWAHmwah post back. Sorry, no Honor.

Landru said...


I'm getting confused. Why are you people all hanging around my pissant blog? Don't you have alcohol to drink, food to eat, lovers to fuck? Look, my friend Eric the Ugliest Girl in the World just started playing Civ5 for the evening, according to a little popup. And I'm still fucking writing work emails. And Bam needs drugs.

I'm overstimulated.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

It is a CONSPIRACY. Likely it's Obama's fault.

Although I am drunk, and the Prove your not a robot thing might be too much...

fish said...

Perhaps we could go in for one more stone head.

fish said...

Although fucking WV is a decidedly anti-zardoz measure. And I don't mean West Virginia (although it is also probably anti-zardoz).

fish said...

Don't let bimler convince you to do a tequila rim shot.

fish said...

But he made the Packers a real team again

I never hated a zombie more. He made the Packers a real team at the expense of the Patriots.

Although I am a bit torn as I never could be a Drew Bledsoe supporter. First of all, his name was Drew.

WV: coontry
I think WV is from WV.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

The Patriots are a girl's lacrosse team.

fish said...

Better than being named after canned meat.

Green Bay Spammers

Green Bay Vienna Sausages

Green Bay Scrapple

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Green Bay Big Swinging Kielbasas.

Actually, they are named after teh guys who processed the dead animal flesh. Acme Meat-Packers, and yeah, go ahead and make jokes about meat-packing (if you think there's something wrong with that), but the first teams were staffed by guys who threw COWS around for a living.

Landru said...

So Brittfar was only another in a long line of Packer misogynists. Got it.

Lest you think I'm siding with fish, the Patriots occupy the circle of NFL Hell only microns outside of your'n, there, Zombie fella.