Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Really Pretty Simple

It's been an ugly couple of days on the Twitter machine and in the blogs. In general, I'm with Loomis, TBogg (who does an awesome job of calling out the aimless millennial dumbfuck Cali hippie vibe that the Occupy for Romney movement stenches of), Rebecca Solnit, and others (for instance). Here's why: the Occupy for Romney movement will tell you that this makes me a mouthpiece for the Democratic National Corporation, that I'm an Obamabot, that my vote for Obama will be a vote for killing civilians with drones. Uhm...yeah, sure. Fuck you, you tendentious and ignorant pricks, and maybe go back and retake whatever course you learned government in, because--and I know this will surprise you--the government does, in fact, extend beyond the military.

Like most people who want to oversimplify (misogynists), start shrill namecalling (Republicans and middle schoolers) and whimper when it's turned back on them, argue ad reductam and deny the importance of anything that doesn't fit their worldview (Greenwald), and pretend that they're victims (Christians), the Occupy for Romney movement is just a pack of propagandists. Why, exactly, they've so deliberately (in each sense) blinded themselves to principles they claim to hold dear, and why they've decided that whichever issue is most important to them obviates all others, and why they've actually reached the stunning (and remarkably ignorant) conclusion that a Romney presidency would be less bad than an Obama one is beyond me. But they have. And anyone who disagrees is a bully, is telling them to shut up, is a corporate tool. The line of reasoning very quickly devolves into black helicopter madness.

I have no patience for this. I am appalled that people I believe to be of good conscience could reach such stunningly illogical and paranoid conclusions. Speaking of paranoia, I begin to wonder whether the Occupy for Romney movement is every bit as astroturfed, and by the same people, as the Tea Partiers. See? I can do paranoid too. Dipshits.

Most of all, I just get really fucking tired. The left has spent the last four years watching the right tear itself apart. It's the break we've been waiting for as the dialog and the Democratic Party have been reactively drawn to the right. Well, guess what? The not-really-left and not-really-right are the fucking majority. You gotta throw them a few bones. Giant Clinton/Obama bones? Maybe one or two, sure. Not as a way of life.  But if you do it more or less right, you can keep it to that, to what's necessary, and keep the trend in the right direction.Now, instead of building something, instead of figuring out commonalities among those leaning left, the Occupy for Romney movement wants to push anyone less left than them all the way to the right.

Well, that's just monstrously stupid--much like the Republicans of the last four years have been. I sincerely doubt that it'll cause Obama to lose the upcoming election, though I doubted that a self-serving dimwit like Ralph Nader could've cost Al Gore the 2000 election. What I am sure of is that it will guarantee that there's nothing to build if Obama is re-elected, because people who should be on board for the building will be off kicking dirt because they didn't get their personal fucking special pony. Whatever the fuck pony their special one is.

Fucking madness. Fucking Jeffersonianism run fucking wild. Jeebus.


Sasha said...

Thank you so much for saying this. I am so busy blithering and trying to figure out a way to prevent them from reproducing that I am incoherent. You got to the key point before I could say it: Astroturf

Anybody who isn't a die-hard right winger and who doesn't understand at least one of the following simple concepts - perpetual war, Supreme Court, my uterus, government gridlock, racism -- should have their fingers removed so that they can never vote again. Those who aren't extreme right wingers pretending to be normals are probably spoiled babies who, when given the choice between chocolate and vanilla ice cream, tantrummed until they got strawberry.

(I admit that I don't understand your penultimate sentence beyond blind rage and an aversion to democracy, but I don't think Hamilton would have been doing any better. But I think the result of Hamilton is Grover Norquist.)

Thanks for doing what needed to be done.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I thought that Rebecca Solnit piece was good, and it resonated with the Tbogg and the LGM also.

I was gonna post links and excerpts, but you beat me to it. So, thanks, now I can just move right into the drinking portion of the evening.

fish said...

Totally a black flag operation. Romney was making arguments for voting Green the other day.