Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Autism Awareness Day

Yup. You aware? Good. Vaccinate your children. If you think that's a bad idea, then shut the fuck up and vaccinate your children. If you're not willing to shut the fuck up and vaccinate your children, shut the fuck up and vaccinate your children. Then shut the fuck up some more and vaccinate your children.

That's about all I have time for this year. Last year. 2012. 2009, and 2008. The boy? He's awesome, and I love him more than breath its own self. Yeah, he's still autistic. Whatever. Love to Kimmah and Sam and Swami and Max and to you, whoever you are.

In news of very nearly equal importance, the Maryland women are returning to the Final Four. I would say this at any time of any day of any year, but more pointedly this week, at every moment of every day: Fuck Notre Dame. Fuck UConn. Fuck Stanford (special for His Wiseness: I actually rooted for you last night).

Peace. Unless you're Notre Dame, UConn, or Stanford, of course.


Jim H. said...

Thanks. And go Twerpettes! Do the ACC proud this last time.

And blessings to you and yours this Autism Awareness day.

The vaccination thing is so tricky. Some childhood diseases, if we get them when we're kids we develop lifelong immunities. It strengthens our immune system. Some vaccinations could make us susceptible later in life.

I had measles and mumps and chicken pox as a kid. Now I understand cp can lead to shingles later in life. But latelife mumps can lead to impotence and latelife measles can be devastating. So, what's a girl to do?

There are measles outbreaks in some of the tony private schools in Manhattan now b/c people aren't getting their precious's vc'ed.

It's a tricky question, that.

To object b/c you fear the mercury or something is going to cause autism is just bad science, no? Bad citizenship, too.

Swami said...

Love back at you, 3-4 months late. Will you even see this? I rarely post anything anywhere these days. Max is doing well. He lives in a (supervised 24/7) group home with 3 other guys which we call "the frat house." They unite around sports, all Vikings, Twins, Wilds & Wolves fans. He works part time at Subway, cleaning & stocking--not serving customers. It's a life. He's home on weekends. We see movies & do random community events. I hope all is well for you & your family and that you still know how to get in trouble in all the good ways. Signed with love...