Monday, May 11, 2015

But Wait, There's More!

OMFG, are you serious? Look, beloved Whispers is a little bit of a partisan, maybe, but he's not wrong here. There's seriously zero evidence that Brady did anything, and punishing him for telling the NFL to stick it up its witch-hunting ass is bullshit. But as any number of disciplinary cases have shown, the NFL is completely full of shit when it comes to policing those who suck at its teat. It's a private club and it does what it wants.

And really, if you think that the air pressure in the footballs had anything to do with the Indianapolis Colts choking on their own vomit to the tune of 38 points...Jesus, just give me all your fucking money, because you're that fucking stupid.

And now? I've completely blown my lifetime budget for energy spent defending the Patriots, ever.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

And at that, you've spent like 7 times as much energy defending g the Patriots as I care to.

You're right; but all evidence points to them indeed cheating. It may not have made a difference, but if so why did they bother?

And having said that, Tom Brady is a lewdatural crayon-eater.

But at least he's not Jay Cutler...

Whispers said...

Literally no evidence points to _cheating_. See my blog.

Sasha said...

I know I'm really really late to the party. (I thought all my friends had given up blogging.) But I just can't get myself to give a big rats ass. Like a bunch of kindergarten kids bickering over a stick of gum. And now (late to the party) The Man (?) will give up a million big ones and a draft choice if only he can have the pretty boy? I will care when somebody hangs Goodell by his teeny testicles and I get to watch on the teevee.