Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Can You Spell H-Y-P-O-C...I Knew You Couldn't

The UberCunt goes batshit today (or maybe yesterday--I can't be bothered with facts and figures unless I feel like it) over Senator Reid's disclosure that he heard that Osama Bin Laden was killed in last month's Pakistani earthquake. She launches a diatribe on protecting intelligence sources and methods. She claims that there may be good reasons for concealing the information, even if it is true.

Yeah, that's sensible. If, in fact, the avowed number one target of your so-called war on terror is dead, I can see how you wouldn't want anyone to know it, because that wouldn't be like winning the so-called war or anything. Especially if your so-called war on terror was a complete sham that depended on lies to galvanize the public in the face of a perceived enemy. That I can understand.

It really is moonbatty of me to call that fascist, innit? Maybe there are some sort of drugs I can take to cure my unhingement.

If it's untrue that Bin Laden is dead, then I can, of course, understand why you might want to protect the intelligence chain that developed that information. It's clearly a useful source, right?

And of course, I'm not thinking about anybody who may or may not have outed a CIA operative in an attempt to do political damage to her husband.

Michelle Malkin is a hypocritical, propagandizing, fascist cunt. And I do not care to be accused of choosing those words lightly.

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PurpleState said...

I found this report to be sufficiently polite and respectful. Carry on.