Thursday, December 08, 2005

Making Me Feel Like I've Never Been Born

Who put all those things in my head? John Lennon did.

Twenty-five years ago today was about the worst day in history, although I didn't find out about how awful it was until twenty-five years ago tomorrow. Most things, we get over. Now and again comes a thing you don't. That'd be mine.


Purplestate said...

John Lennon's being shot was "about the worst day in history?"

Well. You're history, maybe. Though given the work of the other Fabs after the 70s it could be argued . . . But hey. I don't want to step on your pain. It sucked, no question.

Raise a glass to one of the finest bards!

Landru said...

You have no idea what a giant pile of dogshit you just stepped in.

Purplestate said...

Apologies. I'll be over here scraping off my boots if anyone needs me.

Swami said...

You didn't find out until the NEXT day?!? Just how stoned were you back in those days?