Friday, May 26, 2006


Auguste over at Malkin(s) Watch is hanging it up. He took a break from keeping an eye on Our Lady of the Concentration Camps, which made him realize how much he likes not keeping an eye on her. Someone may take over Malkin(s) Watch, and Auguste, who is very good, will be posting more at Liberal Avenger which could, I think, use more Auguste, who is a pretty level guy who almost never uses the same kind of impactful nouns and adjectives to which I am partial. Looking back over that last sentence, I'm also forced to realize that he uses fewer commas and dependent clauses.

I have a lot of sympathy for this. I certainly don't spend nearly as much time at it as he has, and writing about her has completely poisoned my blogging soul. I've been giving this some thought independent of the changes at Malkin(s) Watch, since my last four posts have all featured poison dumped into Her water supply, and an awfully large proportion of my rantings since I restarted semi-regular posting have featured soul-sucking levels of attention to Her misdeeds. Don't think I don't notice these things.

I feel a sense of loss at Auguste's passing from Malkin(s) Watch. More than once, I've alluded to feeling like that blog relieved me of some perceived burden of having to share my rage at Her in these pages (then proceeded to regularly share it anyway).

I'm going away for the holiday weekend, on my annual gaming pilgrimage to Dixie. I'll work on my perspective and see where I end up. I have a feeling that ending up in a Malkin-free place would be a good thing.

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