Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Your World Today

Settling in for a busy spell (work sucks, mother in town, move coming up, brak brak brak), but by way of affirming my continued respiration:
  • Ryan takes over for Auguste at Malkin(s) Watch. I can now safely retreat into having a life.
  • Darryl posts for the General on the apparent Michigan gubernatorial candidacy of Ted Nugent, highlighted in a linked article in the Independent, an inexplicably British newspaper. Seems Ted is against "snatch-pursing." I've been trying to get Ilse to purse hers for a long time, but she's just not cooperating.
  • Joltin' Joe Lieberman goes on the offensive and Eschaton points us to the fascist "concern trolls" at RCP. Yeah, we're real strongly inclined to take advice from the Republican Party on diversity of opinion. Asshats.
  • Eschaton and various others point us to the newsy bit about Joe's choice of marching buddies for a Memorial Day parade in Waterbury: Republican Congresswoman Nancy Johnson. I see. Must be that diversity of opinion thing.
  • Gregg Easterbrook officially moves into the realm of wingnut asshattery. Call a seven-man blitz and punt from your opponent's 35. And please attribute my earlier agnosticism on global warming to functional illiteracy; while I don't think Algore is the best spokescritter for focusing attention on the issue, I've now done my homework. But I'm still not going to let you tell me that hurricanes are caused by global warming.
  • But the point of the above bullet isn't about me. It's about Gregg Easterbrook being an asshat.
  • Have I mentioned that Slate, in addition to being Chris Hitchens' bartender, is Gregg Easterbrook's haberdasher?
  • In case you forgot, and lest we forget: Gregg Easterbrook is an asshat.
  • Hubris becomes us. I thought my Terps were going to add a FOURTH national title to their 2005-2006 resume. I accept full responsibility for this debacle.
  • bDr focuses all of his anger on the U.S. Mens National Team (futbol). bDr has convinced himself that USMNT will lose to the Czechs, the Italians, and the Ghanians in the positively frightening Group E of the upcoming World Cup. He's got two out of three correct, but his strategy of Not Taunting God will still fail, because 1-2 ain't gonna make the finals. However, bDr always does the right thing, so Not Taunting God it is. Amputate Landon Donovan's feet! Put Pablo Mastroeni out to stud! Give Eddie Lewis an overdose of Viagra! Prediction: the comments to this post will include a stinging rebuke from bDr that features a correction of some minor detail in the above, along with the use of the words "pitch" and "kit." (Dood. Seriously. Brian McBride is, like, older than my wife. He's only 10 years younger than us. And you made me walk out the Fulham Road for that?)


bdr said...

Why would the editor of a journal called *Modern Art* knowingly place it in the hands of an entrepreneur like Ellsworth Sampselle, whose images are synonymous with the sentimental and the sweet, the popular and the commercial? Answer me!

(The sign in squiggles just made me spell floin - I'm afluttered.)

Sasha said...

Too bad about Easterbrook, but you knew the day was coming. You didn't want it but in your heart of hearts ...

I'm beginning to think you're obsessed with your neighbors. I understand that Mr. Gregg isn't quite as close as OLCC, but not far off. In fact you go right by his place at least three days a week.

Hrrmmmmm ... it occurs to me that I need to investigate the water supply. Maybe Little Bobby --

Also. Much as I'd like to, I can't get it up for pussyball.

Landru said...

Answers, answers, answers.

bDr: 42.

Sasha: Sure. Don't tell them that we're neighbors.

Furthermore, there are those who would argue, convincingly, that being possessed of a pair of X chromosomes (and we're not quibbling about your balls, here), you can't really get it up for much of anything.

Of course, we take our free speech seriously here. But you have effectively declared war on decency here, y'know.

Sasha said...

My bad. :(

ilse said...

Is "I'm pitching my kit" code for something?

blackfloinred said...