Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mood Ring Report

I have completed my morning rounds, and I must report to you that there are many, many, very deep bloggers out there, people of substance and compassion and concern and an uncanny ability to break down the walls of fascist bullshit memery that dominate our times and our ether. People writing on critical issues of the day, like Digby, and Rude, and TBogg, and the General, and Sasha (check Sasha out--she just returned from a hiatus with a post on a topic that, if you are a human with a brain, should cause you hives).

I am not one of them. My mood ring is black. I am choked with anger. And besides, I have a lot of work to do today, which is not a small contributor to my propensity toward a need for some form of release.

When the bad blogger is so choked with bile and rage that he turns purple and cannot write posts that tactfully neglect to include the word "queefing," it is time for him to simply post a note of love to his friends and admirers and await another day.

Especially when he's such a douchebag that he's started to refer to himself in the third person. Have a lovely day, beloved minionses.

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