Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Aren't You Cute?

Oh, yes, you're so vewwy happy! You held the Repigs to under 50 percent in a solidly Repig district! Good for you!!!





Feel free to come see me on November 8. Until then, stop taunting God.


Sasha said...

So that 666 thing did a number on you, eh? You used to worry about tempting Karma. Now it's God.

Oh yeah. Shut. The. Fuck. Up. is absolutely correct.

Purplestate said...

I want to know if Butterstick has gotten any bigger and heavier -- is that logo correct?

These are the topics that the bloggosphere really needs more of. Politics. pshaw.

gothmog said...

I didn't get to this until just now, several hours after we spoke. I wondered why she was so fresh on your mind.

You have OLCC, I have HSLW (Human Skin Lampshade Woman). Not sure which one of us is worse off.