Thursday, June 08, 2006

Today's News...WTF Do You Mean, Today?

Woot. We killed us one a them Bad Brown People. U!S!A!

Mission accomplished, right?

WTF do you mean, no?

Oh, I see. It's about exterminating all Bad Brown People, in a decidedly non-racist way. Gotcha. So it doesn't matter that we killed one particular Bad Brown Person, right?

WTF do you mean, "no" and I "hate our troops" for asking? Can't you fucking people make any fucking sense whatsoever?

And WTF do you mean, "no" and you're not hatin' on all Brown People? How can I tell them apart? By profiling? But...but...they all fit the same profile, don't they? Yes? Jesus. Can't you fucking people make any fucking sense whatsoever?

Dog knows what directions asshat memery will take over the next 24 hours. I'm sure my above imaginary conversation with an imaginary nonentity doesn't even scrape the surface of the stupid and hateful nonsense we're sure to see in the blogosphere before the sun next sets (on the East Coast, the only place the rising and falling of the sun matters, of course).

Here's what to think: the military did something right. Lots of people in the military do things right every fucking day. Some of them don't. Sometimes they don't do it right, in a spectacularly impactful way.

Here's what else to think: kill a terrorist and make 10 more. And do nothing about the rates of unnecessary deaths from other causes, here and around the world, rates that dwarf the number of people killed by terrorist acts. Focus your entire national policy around killing terrorists, in the interest of pumping up Mister Jingo, and do worse than nothing about far more workable problems.

Oh, and you should also think that Ann Coulter is seriously pathetic, but I just can't imagine that's worth a whole lot of Thinking Cap, there.


Purplestate said...

I nearly bought Ann's new book for you last night at Borders . . .

But I figured I'd wait for it to be remaindered, 'cause you'd appriciate that even more.

Geggy said...

And we could get bin Laden tomorrow and it won't make a damn bit of difference, either. Much too late and too much water under the bridge for that.

As for Coulter? Lennon was right. Instant karma's gonna get you.